How to stop diarrhoea: Five home remedies to get rid of your diarrhoea – Daily Express

The NHS has more information on their website about when it’s time to seek medical help for diarrhoea, if you’re worried about you or your child, call 111.

Home remedies are best suited to adults with a milder case of diarrhoea.

These are five of the most effective home remedies for diarrhoea.

1 – Water

When you have diarrhoea, it’s crucial you stay well hydrated.

For adults, if you have any sports drinks this will help you rehydrate.

Any caffeinated drinks or alcohol should be avoided as they’re likely to make your diarrhoea worse.

If you have breastfeeding children, you should continue to breastfeed or formula feed them if they have diarrhoea.