"Get Loads Of New Visitors And Subscribers, By Advertising Your Own Free Gift On This Site"


Dear Friend,

If you're like most marketers, you'll already be offering a free gift on your website to attract visitors and newsletter subscribers.

After all, everyone loves getting valuable stuff free.

Now I'd like to tell you how you can advertise your free gift on this site, to easily generate loads more visitors and subscribers for your business...



  High Impact Advertising For Maximum Effect

You can advertise almost any gift you want on our site, as long as it is completely free and it relates to creating websites or internet marketing.

There are a few restrictions, but they are largely common sense (see the bottom of this page for more details).

You can even advertise a cut-down, trial or "lite" version of a product if you want (as long as you make it clear to visitors exactly what they are getting).

Below you can see a screenshot of a typical advert from our website: 

Free Lifetime Membership

...of the Marketing Bronze Club

Get Exclusive Moneymaking software and ebooks worth over $97 - including ebook creator software, article archive/site builder, list builder tool, download protector, affiliate commission booster and much more.


As you can see these are top quality ads, packed with information - and presented in an easy to read, eye-catching format.

The photo dramatically increases response to your ad, by drawing attention to it (tests have shown that photos can increase response by as much as ten times).

On top of this, the large clear title and the bold sub-title draw further attention to the ad, with the detailed text underneath offering up to 240 characters (approximately five long lines) to fully explain the benefits of your offer.

These ads look amazing - and they pull in clicks like a power magnet.



  Easily Manage Your Own Ad

You'll have your own membership area that you can log into at any time to view the statistics on how your advert is performing (the number of times it has been viewed and the resulting number of clicks).

Your membership area also allows you to make changes to your advert at any time you want - changing any aspect of your ad - or even replacing it with a completely new ad.

To create your ad, you simply type your ad text into the boxes in your members area as shown below - and use the Browse button to upload your photo from your own PC (all photos are are hosted on our website automatically to make it really easy for you).


Your members area will show you exactly what your advert looks like, allowing you to tweak it until you are 100% happy with everything.

This whole solution is designed to make it quick and easy to ensure our service provides you with maximum response for your advertising.



  No Limits On The Number Of Visitors/Subscribers

Unlike some other advertising solutions, there are no limits placed on the number of times your advert is viewed or clicked.

All current gifts are shown in a continual rotating sequence, so each successive visitor will see a different gift at the top of the home page.

In addition, visitors can use the "Next Page" button to page through every single gift on our system.

This can potentially mean every single visitor to our site could actually see your gift - providing MASSIVE exposure for your offer.



  All Visitors Are Sent Directly To Your Website

With our advertising offer, visitors are sent directly to your website to collect your gift.

This means they'll know exactly who you are, what you are offering free and what you are selling. You can choose whether to require visitors to subscribe to your mailing list to get the gift - or just offer the gift as a direct download on the site.

You can also put ads and sales messages on your web page if you want, as long as the gift is prominently displayed as the primary item on the page.

This makes our site a very flexible advertising solution for your business, offering top quality, pre-qualified traffic to your site that can yield responsive subscribers and high-value customers.



  Your Ad Also Shown On Our Article Directory Pages

As well as appearing on the home page of our site, your advert will also appear on our HUGE Webmasters Article Directory.

Running to hundreds of pages of valuable information on lots of different webmasters topics, this directory features members gift adverts on every single page.

If you haven't yet seen the directory, click here (opens in a new window).

Like our home page, all our members' gifts are shown in a continual rotating sequence, so each successive visitor will see a different gift when they first visit.

The gifts are then rotated on each successive page view - offering visitors lots of different gifts - maximizing the exposure for each member's gift. 



  For Newbies And Gurus Alike

Our site is not like the other "giveaway" sites you may have seen on the Internet.

Most giveway sites only reward webmasters who heavily promote the giveaway site.

However with our offer, you don't need to promote at all.

This means that if you're a newbie just starting out - or even a guru who's too busy to promote - you'll still get full exposure for your offer.

All you have to do is make sure you're offering a good quality gift, to maximize the response to your advert. 




Start Advertising Now...

Traffic and subscribers are the key to building a successful Internet business

There are many other advertising solutions available on the Internet, but few even come close to the superb, high-impact photo ads used on our system.

Using other advertising solutions, such as pay-per-click, you can easily pay up to a dollar or more per visitor, just for a very basic advert.

Paying this sort of amount can make it very difficult to generate a profit.

However unlike the multi-billion dollar search engines, we have a genuine desire to help new marketers, who cannot afford to pay high advertising costs to build their businesses.

That's why, for a limited time, we're charging just $29.95 for your ad to appear on our site for a full 6 months - or just $47 for a full year.

I'm sure you'll agree that these amazingly low prices represent an absolute bargain compared to other advertising offers.

However even though our prices are so low, we're still going to give you a 100% risk free guarantee - something generally unheard of in the advertising industry...

Your 100%, No Risk, No Questions Asked,
Money-Back Guarantee

If you still have any lingering doubts, let me reassure you with the knowledge that your membership can be cancelled any time you wish, just by sending a single email.

You're also covered by my 100% cast iron, no questions asked, no risk guarantee.

If at any time during the next month, you decide that this offer is not working for you, just shoot me a quick email and I guarantee to refund your money in full, no questions asked.

This means you can take a full month to check out this superb offer for yourself, with no risk whatsoever.

In other words...you have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

That's my promise to you!

This low cost may increase in the future at any time. So please don't delay... 


Order Now At Just $29.95 For 6 Months Of Advertising

You'll receive instant access to the membership area,
allowing you to set up your own ad immediately

Fully secure payment is through Paypal

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You'll receive instant access to the membership area,
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Fully secure payment is through Paypal

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Advert Restrictions

For the benefit of all members and visitors, there are a few restrictions...

1. All gifts must be completely free and must be available for immediate download. Where the gift is a trial or shareware product, this must be made clear on your web page. Gifts must be related to creating websites or internet marketing. If you are unsure whether your offer is suitable, please contact us before ordering.

2. The page to which visitors are sent in order to collect your gift must feature the gift as the primary offer on the page. The standard example is a squeeze page or a simple download page. You may include other links or ads on your page, but they must be secondary to the gift, so that the primary thing visitors will see is the gift.

In addition, you may NOT use a "sliding ad", "lightbox popup" or any form of "popover" on the page, or create any sort of popup or popunder window from the page (unless in direct response to visitors clicking on a link) or use any mechanism to hinder the visitor in leaving your web page. Remember that visitors from our site are coming to your site specifically to collect your gift, so you should not bombard them with effects that may actually deter them from downloading.

3.  Your gift and website must not promote sexually explicit materials, promote violence, promote any form of discrimination, promote illegal activities, or infringe or otherwise violate any copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property rights.

4.  Gifts must not contain viruses, spyware, trojans, adware, malware or other software component that is generally considered harmful or undesirable. 

Failure to comply with these terms may result in suspension or termination of membership.

Your Membership may be terminated by yourself or by us at any time, without giving notice or reason. If your membership is terminated by us, you must request our permission if you wish to re-join the service and must not re-join unless this permission is granted.

Note that you are only eligible to request a refund during your first month of membership and that following a refund, you are not allowed to re-join at any point in the future.


Additional Terms And Conditions

All members and all other users of this site are subject to our Disclaimers and Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Earnings Disclosure, which can be viewed using the links below. 

Use of this site signifies your acceptance of the following:
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