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Tips for video product creation - Choose the right content

Customers know fluff when they see it-nothing makes us angrier than discovering that we've paid money for a lot of hot air when we expected to receive content. Just think about the last time you walked out of a movie theater before the end of the film-you felt cheated. Don't ever make your customers feel cheated, and they will repay your efforts and your time with their loyalty and their testimonials.

Choose the right topic
What do you know how to do that would add value to your customers' lives if you could show them how to do it? If you can teach people how to build a cabinet, for instance, you have a great subject for a video product to sell on the Internet. If you lost weight and got into shape following your own exercise routine, or if you stopped smoking and have helped others to stop smoking, you have a subject for a video product that customers will want to buy.

If you have a gift for inspiring people with stories or motivational talks, you have a product that can give tremendous value to someone's life. In short, whoever you are, whatever you do, you probably know how to do something that thousands of people would want to know how to do, too-if the product existed, and if customers knew where to find it.

If you don't have an idea for a video product, but you have a strong desire to get into the business of video publishing on the Worldwide Web, you can partner with someone you know. Your partner provides the talent and you provide the management, which after all is the business model that allows almost all large video and film projects to be developed, produced, marketed, and distributed.

Believe in yourself and the customers will follow
Believe in yourself-be sure to guarantee your paid videos. Have the courage to do this, and you'll start to build the type of customers that become a volunteer marketing force for your business. Let customers know they can get a refund if they aren't completely satisfied. If you give your customers information of value to them, and if you have delivered the content in an enjoyable and entertaining format, your guarantee of customer satisfaction will act as a powerful marketing tool to boost sales.

Never try to cover up a lack of content by adding surface production values for cosmetic effect. No matter how good a video product looks to the eye, it will make customers very unhappy if they don't find anything of value in the content. And never add on footage just to make the product longer so you can justify a higher selling price.

Give your customers a product that adds value to their lives, and they will become loyal repeat buyers and customer evangelists for your company or your blog. Believe in your video products and your customers will believe in them, too.


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