The Importance Of Strategic Storytelling In Video Product Creation

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The importance of strategic storytelling in video product creation

One of the most valuable things you can give people is a purpose. That's why inspirational and motivational videos are always at the top of the charts-demand for encouragement will never be exhausted. No matter where you live, what you do for a living, or what your spiritual beliefs may be, we are all hungry consumers of inspirational content. What Dale Carnegie did with his books in the early years of the twentieth century can be done on a much larger stage today, thanks to the power of the Internet. There are over a billion people online today. A popular viral video can be viewed by millions of people around the world in just a few days.

Popular video products are successful because they connect with their target audience. The most powerful way to connect with viewers is by telling a story. Every successful song, every successful movie, every successful book, and every successful online video product accomplishes the same goal-it connects with an audience through a story.

You can visit Sanders Says ( to get a better idea of what I'm talking about. Business and relationship specialist Tim Sanders explains that people are more likely to hear your message when you transmit it through stories that connect to the experiences we share as human beings. The key to being understood and remembered is your ability to tell stories that connect with your audience's experiences. When we aren't emotionally connected to what a speaker is saying, we tune out. We always listen closely to someone who is able to tell engaging stories.

Effective meetings and sales presentations take advantage of the power of strategic storytelling. When you bring listeners into your story by connecting to their experience, you create a space where they can start to trust you and want to find out more. Sanders Says is a great place to go if you want to develop your skill as a storyteller. The better you become at connecting to people through the stories you tell, the easier it is for customers to remember your message.

Tim Sanders is working on his third book, and he asks visitors to his blog to submit their stories for possible submission in the book. If you have a story about someone who identified a social need and got a company or organization to attack it, you have a great concept for a story. Sanders hopes that his stories can inspire people to "save the world at work." To submit a story idea, simply post your concept as a comment on, and you'll hear from Tim.

While learning about Tim Sanders' blog, you have probably connected with your own experience and thought about people and events that would make a good concept for creating your own video product. If you have, turn on a webcam or have somebody point a camera phone at you, tell your story in a way that people can relate to as if it were their own experience, and you will have created the type of motivational video product that millions of costumers are searching the Internet to find. When your video product is online, let me know where to find it-I'm anxious to take a look.


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