The Importance Of Research And Planning In Video Product Creation

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The importance of research and planning in video product creation

Any genre of video product can be enriched by informational content. When you choose to include factual information in your video, check at least two reliable sources for everything you want to include. Remember: Wikipedia is not a reliable source. Yes, I often click on Wikipedia to get my bearings in a hurry. But I won't stake my reputation on what I've found in a Wikipedia entry.

When you create video products to sell online, you base your business on your ability to establish a bond of trust with your customers. Don't risk losing their trust by taking shortcuts in your research. Go the extra mile and your sales will speak for themselves.

If you're using on-screen talent to film your video product, make sure the actors have all the background information they need to understand the topic. If you'll be asking someone questions in the video, be sure to practice your interviewing skills. If you want to create an unforgettable interview, use open-ended questions to get your subject talking. The best interviews always go in directions that no writer could have scripted.

If you use copyrighted music in your video, be sure to obtain the necessary permission. If your video is not for sale, you may not need to obtain permission. If you plan to sell your video, you will need to obtain all the necessary licenses and copyright information. If you are filming anyone other than yourself, you need to obtain signatures and releases. If you film a pedestrian or shopper, for example, you need their approval to use the footage commercially in your video.

Logistics of a successful shoot
Logistics is one of the key elements of every successful video project. If you plan to shoot any footage in a commercial space, such as a shopping center or store, you'll need to call for permission. Tell the manager exactly what you want to do; store personnel are generally very helpful and willing to participate in any way they can. Be sure to give the store a credit in your video. You may need a city permit for certain locations. Go to the location to rehearse the shoot before the shoot. There are lots of things that can go wrong when you just show up and start shooting.

No matter what type of video product you decide to create, you'll need to think about your set or location. A set can be as simple as a wall with a background that makes the speaker stand out. If you plan to create a promotional or educational video, you probably have some simple props that can be part of the background and keep viewers thinking about the product or service you want to promote. A chair in front of your background is all you need on the set if your video will have just one host or demonstrator. If you plan to create a motivational video or a comedy skit, you'll want the host to stand and move around the set, so make sure you have enough space.


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