How To Market And Sell Video Products On The Internet

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How to market and sell video products on the Internet

Internet TV is here-its name is Have you been asking yourself what TV will look like when it moves online? It already has, and you can see for yourself by visiting the site. Although Brightcove is marketing itself as the ideal host for all producers and marketers of online video products, at this point it seems to be more appropriate as a platform for creators and marketers of professional video content. If you're an Internet marketer who already has a successful site and who needs a platform to manage a line of video products, Brightcove is the perfect choice for your business.

How to launch an online video business at

You can launch your own Internet channel on Brightcove for marketing your video products. Brightcove offers video content producers two options: the Brightcove Network and the Brightcove Platform. With either option you can create a free account that lets you create your own video channel, upload and sell your video products, and insert videos from on your own blog or web site.

The basic format is called the Brightcove Network. It's free to use and simple to understand. What can you do with the Brightcove Network? The Brightcove Network allows independent content producers to:

* Publish video products for free
* Let Brightcove manage your advertising
* Keep half of the advertising revenue
* Sell downloads of your video products

Brightcove makes it easy to encode and upload your videos. You can add thumbnails, text descriptions, or video stills to make it easy for customers to find the titles they're interested in. You can even organize your videos into lineups to control how they are viewed. Your channel is published for free on, and you can embed codes in your blog posts to place content on your own site. Brightcove takes care of the hosting and delivery of your content.
Major media corporations are already using Brightcove to host millions of video streams. Brightcove helps you reach an audience with your video content by listing your videos in the major Internet search engines. SEO features built into your Brightcove channel get your videos listed and ranked in the major video search engines, as well as in traditional text-based search engines.

The Brightcove Platform is designed for media companies, broadcasters and Internet marketers. The Brightcove platform allows you to choose your preferred format for creating a revenue stream from your online video products. By paying a user fee to publish your videos, Brightcove allows you to:

* Sell your own advertising or choose to run no ads at all
* Keep all revenue generated from your advertising
* Sell downloads of your video products

When you market your product with skill and determination, customers will find you on the Internet. And when customers find what they're looking for, they don't care if it's being delivered by a big production studio or by an individual entrepreneur with a webcam.


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