How To Create Great Inspirational Video Products

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How to create great inspirational video products

The revolution in Internet video has been triggered by video sharing sites like YouTube, where amateur content producers have the same power to broadcast their products as major media corporations. Individual content producers and Internet marketers are connected to potential customers as never before. "Welcome to a network where anyone can be famous," says the voice over in the Cisco promotional campaign. "Welcome to the Human Network."

All right, so now you're convinced that you need to create video products for sale on the Internet, but you don't have any ideas. Where do you get ideas for concepts that can be turned into video products that customers will want to pay money for?

The best ideas come from your own experience. If you know how to do something that can add value to someone's life, you have a concept for a video product that can generate a revenue stream on the Internet for many years. If you have ever solved a problem that vexes other people, you have the material for an inspirational or motivational video that can generate revenue over and over again through your web site.

If you are confronted with a problem today, you have an opportunity to create a video product that can earn revenue on the Internet for years. Think about a problem you had with a product or service. Can it be improved? Can you think of a way to help people do something better, faster, or cheaper? Any of these questions can be the starting point for developing a concept for a successful how-to video.

To see what I'm talking about, check out Sanders Says ( Tim Sanders is a marketing and product development expert who hosts this advice blog that concentrates on business and relationship management. Tim has developed video projects for clients at Yahoo (and at, before it was acquired by Yahoo).

Visit Tim's site and listen as he tells the story of Paul Galvin. Paul was a hard-working man from a small town who wasn't afraid to make mistakes. In fact, Paul learned early in life that wisdom is born from mistakes-his first three business efforts ended in failure. You have never heard of the first three businesses that Paul Galvin founded, but everyone has heard of the fourth one: Paul called his new venture "Motorola." The rest is history; the company founded by the man who refused to give up gave birth to everything from wireless phones to one of the earliest computer chips.

Tim Sanders is a wonderful storyteller, and he uses this story to illustrate how great leaders inspired others. (You can also find this video on YouTube: just type "Paul Galvin story" in the search window on the YouTube home page.)

As the story of Paul Galvin illustrates, all great leaders inspire. Think of stories you can tell to inspire people. Use these concepts to create video products and start to reach a bigger customer base for your Internet business today.


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